#BlogHer18: Tranformative & Inspiring

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending #BlogHer18 Creators Summit, hosted by SheKnows. I was so fortunate that the conference landed in NYC this year and I was selected to attend as an influencer. I was afforded the opportunity to connect with awesome brands, listen to inspiring panelists and learn from fellow creators.

I’ve been “blogging” for about eight years. Using the term blogging loosely as I wasn’t always consistent, but I did have the page and I did post every so often. However, for the first time ever, I was provided with guidance and a desire to generate authentic & useful content. I owe this to #BlogHer18, the team behind the conference, the panelists, and the individuals I connected with for two days.

Rather than a long essay on this rewarding experience, I pulled together a few gems from some of my favorite speakers and panelists.

“No is just a message to work harder.” - Brooklyn Decker

“Holding any part of yourself back is stealing from those who want the real you.” - Marie Forleo

“If you’re not filling someone’s bucket, you’re emptying yourself.” - Tiffany Thiessen

“I’ve gone from the it girl to the shit girl so many times.” - Gabrielle Union

“If you’re really trying to make space, de-center yourself. Amplify someone else.” - Gabrielle Union

“Sometimes the people cheering the loudest for you are people you’ve never met.” - Gabrielle Union

“We’re everything to everyone, but nothing to ourselves.” - Maria Menounos

“If your journey does not include building up another woman then get on another road.” - Tamron Hall

“I am the great beneficiary of a strong mother.” - Shelly McNamara

These were just a few of the gems passed along at #BlogHer18. I challenge you all to take what’s useful to you and carry them on your journey through life as a creator, an influencer, and as a woman.


PS… #Shoutout to Pret A Manger for keeping us fueled both days. I’m talking the best pastries, salads, sandwiches, beverages, AND cookies your heart could desire!